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Dreadful Stories From The Past


These stories are about me and a part of my priesthood
These events happened to me, somewhere in the distant past,
At three different places and times
A shrink got them out of me, because I couldn't take the burden inside anymore!
The first story takes place in the 18 hundreds, somewhere In Europe.
I was celebrating a mass in a small town. Many came to the mass
Believing in God and his Son
The most came to the Sunday Mass. This is where I met this little boy,
Who made me do what nobody had before...
I liked his smile and his innocence shinning out of him
At night I could only think of him.
There was no night without thinking of him - these were erotic dreams, the most brutal kind
One morning I couldn't take it any longer, I grabbed my stiff penis
It was hard every morning, but that time it was somewhat more urging
I started slowly pulling at it, while thinking about this little boy
Beautiful eyes, soft lips, virgin with a tight anus.
I imagined him touching my penis with his mouth, and the slowly sitting on it.
I thought he liked it too, so I imagined him with a smiling face.
At this moment my sperm squirts on any stomach ruining my fantasies.
Suddenly everything fades into darkness.
The next day I learned they moved away to another village
Never seen him ever since.
I kept masturbating till the end of my life
Then I was caught by my priestmates and they beat me to death right away...

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