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An Unknown Killer Amongst The Homeless Ones


Ordinary silence and insane thoughts
Mistdries treath Inside of hiding places
You can't find rest amongst the homeless ones
They scared of death it comes tonight
Compressed teeth trembling parts of body
An unknown shape disappears in the dark
Total manifestation of human strength
Dreadful screams through the night
Amusement or simple insanity one knows
Common man kills homeless pnes
Tight rope on weak wrist and ankle
There is no chance to survive
Professional anatomy on unprotected ones.
It is a meaning of life someone
Pierced skin by scalpel and knife
If you wanna avoid your nightmares
Don't make friend with the sleep bririger
To kill someone who has not anything
Bigger cancer than fuckin christianity
View of turned inside out bowels
Satisfaction that no one can stop
intestines all around the ground
The killer was the winner of this fight.

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