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A Momentary Evaporating Vision


I saw god's face in my dream last night
It was covered with wounds and scars,
He said he had long ago given up his hopeless fight
His body and soul given up
He lost everything over the years
His followers have long abandoned him
Or they never existed
I never believe in his existence
It is just an illusion - momentary vision
For many - many centuries
Human race became a scum of the earth
Somebody fools us through TV
Others try to keep the faith with free meals
Catholics, jews and other lousy religions
Attack the other, don't help each other
There isn't a sane man on this planet
According to my vision God
It's a vast soul prison
We don't need your food
You son of a bitch hare krishna
I cut his arms off, tear his heart out
He quickly throws his never existed life
Kill the god living inside you
And you realize this roll belongs to you

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