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A Man Drawn Around Me


A sexual feeling came into their mind
But the standing penis didn't show a love index
Smelling mouths wake me up - living creatures
I've never seen them before and I can't get what
Could be so good in killing a child
What started the communication - one of them began to
Tell the story - interrupt the speech - others have sex with
Corpses it was better for them then a child's smashed
All of them knew the story 'bout the case that said one
Of their mates is a victim, knows nothing about life
As I look around the 2 leggeds are quiet another
Rotten-mouth family is planning murder
End the life of their same-blood brothers
Gets home to his relatives and let the hunt begin
Some around me are laughing loudly they don't clean
The shit up but live in it
Once one of them begin to cry

"People. We arrived at factory let life beginning!!!"

I figured that people were standing around me
They treat their rudest things a funny way
Am I like them? Such crazy, rude creature - if yes, the
Mankind is the rudest creature on earth
We adore the woman who gives a fuck about us
I'm this kinda man, too but don't follow this bad mind

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