Guilherme Arantes

Across The Abyss

Guilherme Arantes

A Desordem dos Templários

Across the ridge of giant mountains
Raised inside our heart
Of the other side of the waves
Of our pacific ocean magic tides
A load to bear of rocky fear
A challenge on each step
The slippery road, m so dangerous
Demands to us to be a step ahead

Through deserts of lakes full of salt
Like our tears mirrors stars
In the dark skies we are
Like thinker insects
Satellites and starships

Across the abyss of galaxies
Find out that there's a god
To rescue life that lost its sense of conciousness
Ther's innocence no more
Our love will be the guide
Time and space will make you mind
That only love cant' be unbdone
That no matter what may come
In this crazy planet

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