Gucci Mane


Gucci Mane

Broke bitch grew up in the hood eating fish sticks
Hood bitch thinking she the shit but you ain't bitch
You's a thirsty ass, thirsty ass, thirsty ass ho
Thirsty ass, thirsty ass, thirsty ass ho
She a hood bitch, only dreams to suck a rich man's dick
If you got more babies then the motherfuckin trap bitch
You's a thirsty ass, thirsty ass, thirsty ass ho
Thirsty ass, thirsty ass, thirsty ass ho

[Verse 1]
It's Gucci in this bitch, I put my Bentley on fo's
This one for the hoes like to play with they nose
Got no paper problems
baby paper planes full of hundons
Mcm shoes, belt, book bag full of condoms
If you ain't suckin dick
why the fuck you got your tongue pierced?
Baby girl them ass shots you can't fool guwop
It's Guwop like 2pac, purple drank no Ci-roc
Need to buy a weed whacker for my new weed spot
Flash back 95, 87 T-Top
Ya girl suck a nigga cock till a nigga knee knock
Cooking dope in Granny house in ma dear tea pot
Sellin dope in Trestletree and I ain't never re-rock
Feinin for some head so I'm pulling up my custom
Bad bitch, five kids fine motherfucker
That ain't my kids but they blaming you for asking though
That ain't my kids but I give em all a Twinkie though


[Verse 2]
I had this fine bitch with me but she thirsty dawg
In the Maybach with me open up my curtains dawg
Baby you fine but riding with me is a no touch clause
And this yo second violation cause you wore yo draws
Third strike, coach bag, baby step yo game up
If your boyfriend broke, don't bring my name up
If you keep sucking dick like that, you gone get famous
Man these hoes so thirsty, gotta sign disclaimer
I had a girl go to Spelman was a good, good-brainer
At first she wasn't good so I had to train her
I had a Peruvian and she was personal trainer
I tried to marry in the family just to get the cocaina
I'm in a charger cost 100, that's a whole other lane
I'm in a jeep that cost 200 bitch, now step up ya game
I'm in Bentley, spent 400 bitch, a whole 'nother lane
It's Guwop, a. k. a. bitch its big Gucci Mane, Wop!

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