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St. Brick Intro

Gucci Mane

An igloo full of snow man I'm iced out
House full of naked hoes snortin' blow
Its so lonely at the top, plus its real cold
A house full of hoes and they kickin' blow
I'm a zone six nigga and you know I'm pourin'

Middle of the winter I pull up in a vert
Its the middle of december
She pulled up in a skirt
Santa claus of the hood
I pull up with the work
They call me east atlanta santa
Run up on me get murked
I'm just trappin' through the snow
Sellin' nine half a bricks in four ways
Over the hills we go
Got an extendo and an ak
I'm a neighborhood philanthropist
I'm sellin' bells of cannabis
Preachin' like an evangelist
But I don't fuck with amateurs
I drive spiders yea tarantulas
My diamonds are Immaculate
I'm not on no romantic shit
But I'm cookin' cocaine candle lit
I'm so true your hoe can't handle it
But damn that bitch can suck a dick
Skeeted on her face and lip
Guwop can't fuck no basic bitch
The teacher teachin' arithmetic
Show you how to whip a brick
Learn you how you run your clip
And told you how to kill your's
My young girl she a freaky chick
But damn she on that sneaky shit
Ran off with a half a zip
And now I got to slap a trick
All these record labels broke as shit
Ricky dicky wreckin' shit
I sell more meth than a mexican
My dog food yea its excellent
I done started sellin' christmas tree
I'm tryna jingle bells hoe
Its christmas time its hollis
Queens [?] I'm stompin' in my shell toes
Christmas in '96 I asked santa
For twelve goals
But now guwop got gifts to give
But I don't fuck with twelve though

Santa claus tryna see a bag full of goodies
I wish these faggot-ass cops
Would let a nigga live
I'm tryna come down the chimney
With a 100 mil
I'm the bricksquad boss I'm like santa claus

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