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Scary Cat

Gucci Mane

I'm a g, from on top of sheets
Gucci mane a beast
Don't be scared, I just come prepared
When you fuckin me
Half a mil laying on the floor
Why you're life a bore?
I'm a whore in the gucci store?

Make them more, baby I'm on tour
Make her open doors, do a chore
As I smoke some more
Make her love me more
I'm a star, twisting up cigars
Pistols in my car
Smack your head, like a ? lead
Wanna go to war?
One shot, she's so petrified
When I'm passing by
With my eye let her know I like
Baby, you my type
Shorty scared, she don't wanna sex
You know how I play
She afraid, she so scared of death
No need to be scared!

Baby legs behind your head!
She scared of that..
Hanging off the bed!
She scared of that..
Beat you til you're dead
She sacred of that..
Running from the feds, shorty scared
Scary cat

Any time we fight
She scared of that
What I'm gonna try tonight
You know you scared of that
In the club with all my ice
He scared of that
He too sacred to live his life
He's a scary cat

Anything you niggas wanna do
I did it! any amount of money you
Can think of, I spent it
Any car out in the streets I've driven
Any bad bitch you could think of
I hit it. shawty wanna give me that ass tonight
But a nigga hating and he won't let it go
What he don't know is I dunn been there before?

Hit it ho, baby hit his ho

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