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No One Else

Gucci Mane

[Peewee Longway]
No one motherfucking else
Can't be
Know what I'm saying nigga?

[Hook: Young Thug]
Tell him Louie chasing and he feel like no one else
Tell him Peewee Longway say he feel like no one else
Tell him big Guwop say that he feel like no one else
Tell him little Guwop say that he feel like no one else
When I copped that rover, man, I drove like no one else
When he called it out, I bet he drove like no one else
When he bought a phantom
bet he drove like no one else
When your ho leave Guwop bet she feel like no one else

[Verse 1: Young Thug]
I got a bad bitch, said that she feel like nobody
And no vampire, but I got boyfriends divided
Made a hundred k I'm rapping, rapping. That my habit
Now you meet the newest member of the goddamn library
This monkey bitch crabbing
so I guess I know her partner
I don't know her
but she say she know the mother of my daughter
I'm not talking 'bout no dad
but we don't have to go farther
I don't care, but if you ever need booze
I take your hard-earned
I'm looking like my middle name
That ass fat from a mile away
I got my mother's friends. I like that pussy balling head
I'm thugger, major pain. I put that icing on her grill
Just like Johnny Day. Johnny Day. Hallelujah!

[Verse 2: Young Thug]
When I'm in the house
it's Longway feeling like no one else
Got your bitch into her vest
and call that Peewee Longway health
Now roll my weed, that stuff two grams
We fucked up, two cups in the fountain
Lord, that ain't us, that's country grammar
Talking like a country boy, I stay in Atlanta
Y'all niggas ain't know I sell mud out the fountain
Clienteles'll get your ass scrubbed in Atlanta
Skinny Beretta on [?] , don't scrub in the Audi
Uk, foreign whip, don't know a nigga like it
Switch a royal k, bitch, I thought a nigga like it
Guwop, Guap and Thug in the posse
Ain't shit like us, cause we going in your pockets
Boot it up, nigga, took off like a rocket
We the plug in the socket. Taking nigga's bitch is a hobby
Run around the motherfucking lobby. Woppa and Thug
Back to back serving in the 'rari
Got racks that are older than Atari. Guwop and the bud
Jeffing out the plug with a thousand
Brick Factory count up a thousand
Sipping mud out the mug, white phone stuck
A nigga whiling, you'll never see another nigga like it

[Verse 3: Gucci Mane]
They say I walk like cash, and I talk too fast
Girl to the mall yeah I bought her two bags
Gucci Mane tryna sell more houses
Don't give a damn that I used to sell ounces
My block be my trap house, that was powerful
Sell a man's apartment, shit, to make housing
Gucci is the God, man, you don't want to start it
Have the world. We'll say "Dearly Departed"
All she wrote
Bend her and hanging. Fat give her [?] quote end quote
I sell dope, I cut coat
Especially if that ass Boat Imma keep it up [?]
I'm the captain, all aboard
Come on while you can afford it
If I ain't rapping I'd be working
Is that hard for you to absorb?
For the free monkeys from me
Serve it to you dirty cheap
Dirty dog, dirty job, so Imma charge you thirty-three
Serve to check my style, yeah, you stole it like a burglary
Now I'm on emergency I keep on making currencies

[Verse 4: Peewee Longway]
Ok, now when she on that molly she turn to somebody else
She so rich as fuck she tried to do it by herself
I told her it's Versace, watch how you pulling on that belt
And these are Christians loose
now that's a rack everytime I step
I'm with Longway, I'm with [?] , pull an eight up by myself
Pull up in that foreign feature 'rari, hop out and just sit
Touchdown in La, turned seventeen, got they injection
I seen Guwop call up Birdman, say 100k a bet
Why everytime you see the kid
I'm with another nigga's bitch?
I might shoot a k with choppers
you can tell they with the shit
I don't give a fuck about it
she get fucked then get this mince
Smoking weed and sipping lean
designer down behind the tent

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