Gucci Mane

My Chain

Gucci Mane

[chorus: 2x]
My chain my chain dont you like my chain mane
Young gucci mane and i'm poppin off the chain mane
And my jacob is so fruity
Call me gucci mane or you call me gucci gucci

I came to da club just to floss my chain mane
Catched another charge and i'm going to the chain gang oh i think im icy
Sold a hundred thou eating bologna selling white streaks Dont you see how bright it is city girls and country girls be telling me how tight it is
These girls they be choosey
Diamonds be so sparkly they think my chain was moving
My chain is off the chain stacked up me some money budged it off and bought a chain
Check the way my chain hang gucci i dont gang bang all i do is chain swang

[chorus x2]

Gucci you be shining gucci you be shining man
Gone turn me on dog tell me who your chain man
My girlfriend acting lame she say im acting different just because i got this chain
Haters get your hating on when they see them yellow stones holla at cha later on
My chain hang to my shoe string like my watch and ring but i know you love my chain
My chain hang to my ding-a-ling i do my thug thing when im in the club mane
When you heard so icy you thought of gucci mane
I got that stupid money so i bought a stupid chain

[chorus x2]

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