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I'm So Numb

Gucci Mane

I got a killer pack of ganja screamin out cowabunga
Ferrari boy baby yo nigga still drive a honda
I'm a trapper turned rapper, rapper turned to an actor
Homie ain't nothin but he's a nonfactor
Niggas claim we country pull up in like a tractor
Gucci manes a bachelor yo man, fake as a wrestler
Zone 6 master, shut up before I slap ya

Pulled out that 50 caliber set it before I ask ya
Violence is not the answer, please put down your rifle
I'd rather kill 'em all with kindness
I am only trying to help you
I told her shut the fuck and get on the ground bitch
(Shut the fuck up bitch)
Don't make a fuckin' sound bitch
(Get yo bitch ass down)
He just booked me for a walk through
Some killers in ya town bitch!

You can try and flatter me
It don't really matter to me
It's all chit-chatter to me
My pockets gettin' fatter ya see
I'm so numb

It don't even bother me
Ya homegirl jockin' me
Yo nigga bottle blockin' me
My diamonds are shockin to see (burr burr)
The same way I'm rockin' the street
Is the same way I'm rockin' the beat
Shut the fuck up I ain't talkin to you
And shut the fuck up you ain't talkin to me

I know a nigga down ya see
The fo' gave him like forty-three
And when he get out he'll be sixty-three
But it don't matter he gone keep it g
Look in the mirror you look just like me
But you ain't got money just like me
Yeah you can ball out just like me
Try and flatter me I know you see

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