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Headshots (Feat. Rick Ross)

Gucci Mane

[Verse 1: Gucci Mane]
I got them Robin jeans saggin' and I ain't even bragging
I gave the bitch 500 fuck it, I ain't even crabby
Now I'm getting older rocking Gucci, Louie loafers
I still remember the first day that I ain't have to serve smokers
You brought sand to the beach, I brought toast to the social
I gave your girlfriend an autographed Gucci Mane poster
It ain't nothing mothafuckin' secret, hell yea I got shooters
I'm the plug to the plug, I'm a goddamn Booster
You ain't no mothafuckin' gangsta, you's a goddamn groupie
And you getting in the way ‘cause ya homegirl choosing
On my birthday, Gucci want a brand new Uzi
On my worst day, I'm worth 10 mil no jewelry

Killers waiting in the bushes just to tie ya ass up
Gave my young nigga a dub and told him fire ya ass up
It seem like everywhere you go, somebody try yo ass up
I got real money nigga, I can buy my own luck
Headshots, headshots
All my young niggas aiming headshots
Headshots, headshots
Put a dub on your head, headshots

[Verse 2: Rick Ross]
Your son called you a dead beat
Step on my feet nigga, you dead meat
I'm grinding up this ground beef
I think they just wanna surround me
Self made with a brick too
Nigga shoes dirty but the stick new
In the twelfth grade with a big crew
Now I'm well paid, I can flip few
Holding on to my dick, Michael Corleone, bitch
Head shot like Fredo, fuck nigga don't flinch
The empire back, that empire back
I got some whip out in Fulton, my brick just keep bouncing back


[Verse 3: Gucci Mane]
Couple niggas got killed at my show last weekend
But how am I to blame if they were already beefing
When they first started shooting man we was just leaving
Try Bricksquad and we won't let you get off that easy
Gucci Mane the CEO I feel like Eazy
The rap game love me but the dope game need me
Baby says she never seen a nigga so freezy
But these VVS diamonds make me feel like Meech
I had a pistol in the club the first day I met Weezy
AR in the car the first day I met Jeezy
When I first started dissing niggas it was just teasing
Glock 40 on my hip, it was just me and MacBreezy


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