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Finger Waves

Gucci Mane

Who the fuck you think you fucking hollering at pops?
Talking disrespectful will get you shot on this block
He gon fuck around and have more fucking gut shots
than 2pac

So call the cops cause they gon whack you
whether you call them or not
They call me Gucci Mane, Big Guwop
got more blocks than ibaka
And all my home boys got ten bricks up
but I still hang with robbers

They say I got a warrant out for aggravated finessing
Next charge Imma get flexing with deadly intentions
its gucci!
I'm in a Bentley on a Wednesday, same clothes
I been wearing this shit for 3 days
Fucking hoes, I ain't bathe and I need to shave
I had a sun valley babe getting that section 8
Flash shows on the stove, not the microwave
And I ain't never in my life had some finger waves
A big bad hairy bone, I would catch a J
And I ain't never in my life had some finger waves

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