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Backwards (Feat. Meek Mill)

Gucci Mane

Delusions of Grandeur

Gucci Mane, Gucci Mane, Gucci Mane
Gucci Mane, Gucci Mane, Gucci (Yeah)
Wizzop da, wizzop da, wizzop da, wizzop da
wizzop da, guap
Gucci that, gucci that, gucci that, gucci that
gucci guwop with the gucci (Gucci!)

God keep coverin' me with drip
I think he tryna smother me (On God)
They stop me at the border, I had too many felonies
I'm splashin' I ain't even drippin' (Splashin')
Laughin', I ain't even trippin' (Ha, ha)
I'm crashin', I ain't even dissin'
Heard you drop some I ain't even listen
No one realer, trilla, straight gorilla
I pull up like Chauncey Billups
Nigga don't gas me, I don't need a fill up
Kick her up and make her suck my dick 'til she hiccup
Wop lookin' slim like a bicycle rim
but he's bank obese and the pockets on chubby
He'll play Head Coach, just like Lovie
Thuggin' in public, these hoes love it
I double and triple, quatruple your budget
Baseball money like David Justice
Whole load sold, I ain't even touched it
Own our own kush, damn the room so mushed it
Most of you rappers all style no substance
Big ole rocks on, they disgusting
Niggas talk but never touch me (Nah)
Broke haters can't tell me nothing

Fuck 'em (Woo, woo, woo, who?)
Yeah this that Meek Mill, Gucci Mane (Gucci Mane)
Y'all niggas swim through F&Ns
They gon' come right back to you like a boomerang (Brr)
Louis and Saint Laurent drip (Ooh, sheesh)
Pimp on these bitches like Pootie Tang
He wanna be 'bout that bitch but we are fuckin' her
so he don't know who to blame
She wanna check for me, uh (Check)
She got a check for me, uh (Check)
Fuckin' the two baddest bitches on Instagram, they on that ecstacy (AAh)
Hey, diamonds like flossin', I got the sauce
I made you the recipe, oh
'Fore all this rappin' shit, I was a trapper
the plug gon' invest in me, woah
Jump out the porch, I got a Porsche
Too many hitters, they can't extort
I take that mil' to table, no fork
Then split it out with my dawg like divorce
They shouted us, it was by force
We shouted them, they went to court
I don't wan' be with these niggas no more
I cannot be with these niggas no more
Shorty said she only fuck trappers (Trappers)
End up fuckin' with a rapper (For real?)
Damn bitch, how you goin' backwards? (Damn)
Diamonds gon' fall like Alaska
That ain't even none of my business (Business)
Gucci said he's done with your ass now (Back down)
I am preachin' to you like the pastor
I'ma keep runnin' them bands up, yeah

Bands up, bands up, bands up, bands up
bands up, bands up, bands up, bands up
All these diamonds on me make me handsome
shawty fuckin' on me like a dancer
Bands up, bands up, bands up, bands up
bands up, bands up, bands up, bands up
Went from a trapper to rapper
damn bitch how you goin' backwards?

Wow, I thought I was proud of you. But I take it back
You know what I'm saying? Where your [?] at? Where your titles at, uh?
Where your shooters at?
Thought you had a plug, but you are scrub

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