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Intervention From Beyond

Guardians Of Time

Oh no (mortality), what a dreadful delight.
Immortal: the purest essence of might.

Guardians, intervening from beyond,
They have come for her, to end her fantasy.
I hate you; please try to fight me!
No mercy progeny; I can not let you live.
Mine, they are mine, they are mine:
Mine and only mine.
You are mine; you are mine:
Mine and only mine.

Trapped and lost. Everything is lost.
She�s watching everyone.
Where can I run? Where can I hide from him?
No one hears. No one sees.
Most of all no one cares.
They all obeyed, listening to her charming voice.
Mine, you are mine, you are mine.
Mine and only...
Mine, you were mine, you were mine:
Mine and only mine.
They are mine: you are mine:
Mine and only mine.
You are mine: Mine...

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