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Please Don't Let Me Go

Group 1 Crew

Iv seen days when the nights don't end
Seen strangers I used to call friend
How can i begin to trust
In the fact that you never let me go
Been left so many times felt like nobody could know
The sound that my heart makes when it starts to break
And the pain that i hate, waits for me everyday
And yeah, by the way i lie thats still breathing
Hoping that this time in my life is just a season
And believin' the words that you spoke to your people
Who you'd never leave even though we couldn' see you
How you make us prosper
Even though we couldnt pay you
That love is nothing alike!

Please don't let me go, if i cant have your love
My hearts got no where to go
Only you can rescue me, please don't let me go
I be lost inside a dying world just tryna find my home
Its with you i belong, please don't let me go

I remember the moments life was a blur
An adolescent spirit, far from mature
I couldnt tell between a friend or a foe
So alone i remained, looked to the sky for hope

It's hard to feel alive when your cold
It's hard to reach the sky when your low
So light is hard to find in a storm
How can i give love when my souls been torn
A broken vessel, you call it a masterpiece
Though i can see how deeply your in love with me

Quite honestly i cant love me how you love me
But obviously theres something that you want from me
Cause you the one that let me go
Owner of the world, but you want my soul
My heart is cryin' out, lord please take control
I need you, i don't wanna let go

And I've seen how i could be, without you close to me
I cant recognize that person staring back at me
And you see how my heart breaks
From the choices that iv made
I know your love can take it all the way

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