I Had A Dream

Group 1 Crew

Ordinary Dreamers

I had I dream I saw myself holding a microphone we traveled all around the world just steady rockin these shows, but now we’re here and all I feel is there’s so much more, our life was made to give away so here you go, here you go, its all for you
That’s how we rock, its all for you, that’s how we roll, its all for you, we gave it all so he could take control come on its all for you
That’s how we rock, its all for you, that’s how we roll, its all for you, we gave it all so he could take control come on

Up to bat first I disperse the ideology of girls being looked at like property we could be standing in a crowd but we still stand, I had a dream now I’m livin it out forget the clout I’m about, giving you my life for inspiration fighting for your soul with dedication forget being complacent our lives were made for so much more, grab my hand we walking straight through the door I had a I had a

I had a dream, that I would rock the mic in front of millions, my voice would echo off every building, building up an empire that through God would catch fire, and we would live the life that we desired, but soon after that a small part of me started crying, a little of my dream started dying and how could this be I thought that I was doing everything right, apparently he had much more for my life and that’s when I fell asleep and had a new dream, saw things I’ve never seen, me adopted a baby girl and raise her as my little queen, own a label and sign a crew of soldiers that I’ll raise to be business men so they could take over, and address our kings agenda, address any pretenders give you all I have willingly so you can enter, into a mind state that captivates this whole industry you’re the new me my dreams alive when you believe

First time around We told the world we had a dream We in it now and obviously we still a team the dream was never to wanna achieve the green so we’ve taken the paper we seen and revised our theme yeah we want the top rock things that are hot but more importantly we wanna get you out the block yeah we all deserve the nicer things in life the rings are nice camera lights imagine if we took that and we all unite you wanna know why we rock these show its for the sole purpose of recruiting more people let me fill you in game plan
first I was the beat man then I spit sixteen just because I can
I didn’t know music was a stepping stone that put me strategically
infront of those who would help my destiny and help me help those who have need a dream is just a starting point for a bigger goal

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