My Car

Groovie Ghoulies

Ain't got no lamp I got a hollowed out gourd
I eat my dinner off a Ouiji board
Skulls hanging off of my Christmas tree
Blood dripping off my easter bunny
Got a "Cemetery closed for repair" sign
and no one's car is as fine as mine

Color's the same from front to back
Matching interior - midnight black
Room for five plus one to lie
And a spare coffin in case you die
It also doubles as my bed
You heard my right that's what I said

My car's a hearse and don't you know
It's fine it's mine and paid for
Decorated as I please
You'll get a ride if you're lucky

The Girls come from miles around to see
I love my car and it loves me
Don't stare don't drool don't try to pass
My car is big and my car is fast
Let's go out tonight to the cemetery
My big black car and you and me...

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