In the last days
Of all those walls we built
Now covered with some most unusual mask
Apocalyptic dreams and fears we kept
Yield to a wicked smile
We somehow spared

He came to shake our hands
When the iron curtain fell
Somehow transformed his policy
Turned around so suddenly
The words of trust and friendship
Told with an eye on economic progress
There'll never be no brotherhood
With the ones I've learned to hate so much

Still waiting at the borders never definite
No one's gonna dare to face the face
Laughing at you forgot
How to recognize a communist pig
The term crisis still in my head
Psychotic shapes of present threats
Misfortunate appeasement's evident
Nme's ideology's not dead yet

I'm up to his tricks
Nme will never fool me
My x-ray eyes shine through his head
Unveiling the tactics of the red pack
Terminating stalinism
Let's expurgitate that system
There'll never be no brotherhood
With the ones I've learned to hate so much

Nme will never leave me
Nme will never die
Never trust no eastern brother
Never trust no soviet tribe
Nme prepared to kill me
Nme right in my back
Nme beyond the border
Out to kick my western ass
Nme is hunting
With stars that glow as red as blood
Symbols of the reign of evil
Murderers that know no God
Nme is always ready
Nme won't hesitate
Now I'll better hold my breath
'Cause war is just a shot away


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