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There Goes The Neighborhood

Gretchen Wilson

I was born in the country on an old farm road
Worked hard for a livin' but i stilled stayed broke
Everything i had was either borrowed or loaned
Except my mobile home
I started pickin' and a-grinnin' and a-drawin' a crowd
Saved up my nickels and i turned it around
Hitched up my trailer and my chickens and cows
And moved right into town

There goes the neighborhood
Trashin' it up just like you knew we would
You throw a hillbilly log into the hollywood
And there goes the neighborhood

I couldn't wait to start unpacking my stuff
Pulled out the pink flamingos and i put 'em in front
Cranked up the stereo in my old truck
Iced down a case of bud
Called Uncle Vern and said "Come cut the grass"
He showed up on his mower with a half-empty flask
You oughtta see the people slowin' down when they pass
Sayin' "Man would you look at that"

Repeat Chorus

They got poodles and pools and alarms
I've got pit bulls and pistold and ponds
Yeah, they're playin' possum
While i'm livin' high on the hog

Repeat Chorus

You throw a hillbilly lof into the hollywood
There goes the neighborhood

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