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Mortal Shell


Mortal Shell
A sacrifice of self to those who control what is
Steadily await the final destiny
The blade will raise us highest though we must be stripped to barest of elements
For an eternity of power shall come

With the shedding of the mortal shell
No pain is felt as we are offered to those above
Our willingness overcomes any fear
Steel divine brings us hope

To be as gods – power forever omniscient
To dominate the weak and condemn all who oppose
Eternal bliss awaits the shedding of the mortal shell
Ritual, raise us to the hollowed realm
Self inflicted offerings to the mighty ones
Blood reflects the ever watchful moon above

Freedom from this earthly oppression
Is what we desire most
Hear our cries of subjugation
Selflessly we give our corpses
As sounds of chaos reverberate

We ask for freedom through human supplication
We give praise though ritual mutilation

Holy blade reveals flesh to the utmost
Earthly consciousness slips away in trance
No longer constrained by this futile corpse
Spirits escape to meet their final realm
Former image slain for promised freedom
For we shall reign as kings
Eternal bliss awaits
An eternity of power comes with the shedding of the mortal shell

Ascending upward our wounds are irrelevant
Pain is left in the realm of the mortal
The blade has raised us highest
We have been stripped to the barest of elements
Our eternity of power has come
With the shedding – of – the mortal shell

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