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In Dominance Indefinite


In Dominance Indefinite
An anomaly of fate and misfortune
Have caused a rift in here in after
Fate sealed through opposed misfortune
An epic paradigm so often told
Acquired powers through spoils of war
Have raised a warrior on par with myth
With abilities capable of striking fear into the hearts

Of the common and the gods
For it is he who has conquered
This world – Now he sets out to conquer the world below

With anomalies of fate and misfortune
Come tribulations of ultimate dedication
Strife towards the eternal dark river
Every step, an advancement
Vitalized with the strength of another
A name synonymous with terror
And with abilities capable of shedding the blood

Of the common and the gods
For it is I who have conquered
This world and now I set out to conquer the world below

For I am he – The one of legends
It is my sworn duty to serve the dark path

Consummation, the acquirement of souls
Total enhancement, immortality wrought

Transcending life – The curse of time has no meaning
Into unknown oblivion I cast my judgment
Abyss – River, witness your dawning king
Descend – A battlefield untouched until now
The quest – Realm of shadows prepare the end

Approach the shores unknown
The wretched souls engulf me
Consume my deepest fear
Their cries fall on deaf ears

Descend into the Stygian lands
This realm of perpetual darkness-
Thy conqueror thou shall forever know

Through anomalies of fate and misfortune
An epic travesty wrung with distain
A triumph in the name of malice
In dominance, Indefinite
Vitalized with the strength of the tortured
A name that rings throughout the ages
As the ruler of the light and the dark

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