3 A.m

Gregory Alan Isakov

That Sea, The Gambler

Well its 3 am again, like it always seems to be
Drivin' northbound, drivin' homeward
Drivin' wind is drivin' me
And it just seems so funny
That I always end up here
Walkin' outside in the storm
While looking way up past the tree-line
It's been some time

Give me darkness when I'm dreaming
Give me moonlight when I'm leaving
Give me shoes that weren't made for standing
Give me tree-line, give me big sky
Get me snow-bound, give me rain clouds
Give me a bed time... just sometimes

Now you're talkin' in my room
But there ain't nobody here
'cause I've been driving like a trucker
I've been burnin' through the gears
I've been training like a soldier
I've been burnin' through this sorrow
And the only talkin' lately
Is that background radio

You were my friend, and I was the same
Riding that hope was like catching some train
Well now I just walk
Well I don't mind the rain
But I've been singing
So much softer than I did back then

The night, I think
Is darker than we can really say
And god's been living in that ocean
Sending us all the big waves
And I wish I was a sailor
So I could know just how to trust
Maybe I could bring some grace back home
To the dry land for all of us

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