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Graveyard Rumblers

Graveyard Rumblers

Switchblades, dark shades,
too slow to run away,
now your cornered
tell me what your gonna do
listen to the rumblers
we're gonna sing the blues

we're mutant rockers, with a taste for flesh
blood and guts, hell what a mess
we're zombie like creatures, who roam at night
the suns commin up man its time to hide

Graveyard Rumblers who are we
We're the Graveyard Rumblers
Straight from Hell

Gonna dig up my girlfriend, gonna dig up my crew
theres a show downtown tonite we're gonna play for you
let the coffins rock
let the tombstones roll
the Graveyard Rumblers are gonna steal your soul

- Chorus

this ones for the boppers for those of you who bop
and this is for the psychos who dance to devil rock
we're boppin to the rock
and stompin your feet
listen to the undead growl
i bet you think its fuckin neat


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