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Bridles Of Incitatus

Graves Of Valor

I want to watch them all die
Lay upon the ground and make me your idol
So resurrection
I have become a God
I am your conquering messiah
I am your dogs of war
With ropes wrapped around her ankles
Incitatus will begin his march
With bloods mist frozen on the skull
Horned God of pity can retrieve the corpses

So resurrect me
I have become a God
This is what it feels like
To live to be a God
Anchor the wooden cross
Trampled by blood and power
Sister let the christians sort out their hierarchy
And slaves
Oh, I grow them for their bones
I am bored with this parade of flesh
Time to choose a king

My pleasures rely on a slow death
Eyes open for a proud warrior
I have seen my end
This bloods mist frozen on the skull
I have seen an end
Infant holocaust
I have seen the end
Crowned in bones
This is what it feels like to die a God

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