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House That Rocked

Grandmaster Flash

Words: N.Glover, L.Dukes, R.Wheeler Music: L.Smith Arranged By: J.Saddler - 1987 From the Album "Ba-Dop-Boom-Bang"

The house that rocked (x5)
I was walkin' down the street,cold playin' the post
I was takin' my time
I was chilly the most contemplating and debating about what I should do
I made a sharp left turn
And there was my crew lookin' for a Def Jam in order to rock
Because it's gonna hit the fan at 12:00 o'clock
Then there was this flygirl,she said she wanted to know
Why are you all dressed up with no place to go?
She said she'd take us to a place where we could hear some hip hop
But little did we know she meant the house that rocked

The house that rocked(x3)

She was a real flygirl,dressed in leather and lace
She looked pale "Yo",I thought it was paint on her face
She said it was the last house,corner rockin' bird lane
But you might need a cross and a little wolfsbane
Well we were at the door
And when it opened inside there were freaks galore
Their eyes glowed as if lit by an eerie light
I said "I don't think I should have came here tonight"
And when I asked her what was up,he door slammed and locked
She was gonne and we were,trapped inside the house that rocked

The house that rocked(x3)

Zombies were on the floor and what do ya know
They were doin' the Pee-Wee Herman,what a real creep show
Creatures were playin' cards (Igor was cuttin' the deck)
Somebody screamed (There's Dracula,cover your neck)
Now Lurch was rockin' the mix and on his shirt it read
The music hideously provided for the living dead
Now they was illin' and that was no doubt
But all we wanted to do was get out
I was wishing I was chillin' back around the block
Instead of running for my life inside the house that rocked

The house that rocked(x3)

It was a grizzly situation,very gruesome indeed
And would you believe tha walls started to bleed
Frankstein was steady scheming as he left the room
In came the Mummy and the creature from the black Lagoon
They said "Your time has come" you could scream and can holler
But you're never gonna leave this little shop of horror
You can think that it's a joke to have a heart full of fear
But you feel that way because you're not here
Take heed and stay away,whether you like it or not
'Cause those who enter never leave the house that rocked

The house that rocked (x3)

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