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All Wrapped Up

Grandmaster Flash

Words: L.Dukes, N.Glover Music: J.Saddler - 1987 From the Album "Ba-Dop-Boom-Bang"

All wrapped up(x2)

You're entangled in a great big ball of confusion
Trapped in a world that is just an illusion
You're thinking it's real but that's not what's happening
Well,we're here to let you know the real deal
(That's why we're rappin')
(Yo)Life's just a game,one great big riddle
And we're all wrapped up,smack dab in the middle
Play the Lotto everyday in hopes you're gonna win it
But it's just another game and you're wrapped up in it
You haven't won it yet,but you ain't had enough
'Cause you know it like a poet,you're (all wrapped up)

All wrapped up(x2)

We're gonna rap about the game that people are playin'
(Yo)If you're ready,just listen to what I'm sayin'
Talking about homeboys and the fly young ladies
Men,woman,sons,daughters and the little-bitty babies
Speaking on the def jams everybody's be-bopping
Super stupid,cold chillin' and the party is rockin'
Soap opera in the day got the ladies cold illin'
"One life to live"(you know it) and " All my chillin'"
You know you gotta have it,too much ain't enough
Because the fact of the matter is you're all wrapped up

All wrapped up (x2)

Doctors wrapped up in the ill and the sick
We got wrapped up in politics
Some wrapped up in living long
(And you're)All wrapped up in the beat of his song
Gamblers wrapped up in making bets
And the lovers wrapped up in this game called sex
(Now trouble's)Out there and it won't ignore ya
Don't look for any trouble,it'll surely look for ya
If you try to play tough then it's just your luck
That it'll call your bluff and then trouble's gotcha all wrapped up
All wrapped up (x2)

You're seen hanging on the corner nine days a week
(You gonna blow)You don't know you're wrapped up in the streets
Sporting 50-dollar sneakers and all the money's spent
While Mom's (all wrapped up) Trying to pay rent
We got the weekeng girls and all you fly guys
Wrapped up in a world of 9-to-5
We got the sly,slick and wicked,ain't it funny
(Yo)How they're (all wrapped up) Cold trying to take money
If you get it,you're with it,(If) You don't,that's tough
And you know the real reason is you're
(All wrapped up)

All wrapped up (x4)

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