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World Of Confusion

Gov't Mule

My spirit sleeps like a sunset trapped behind the clouds
Dying to awake
Bright lights shine somewhere over the mountain
Much too far away
I don't know myself today
I can feel me slip away

World of confusion
Getting darker everyday

Morning comes - still I don't feel welcome even in my own skin
Feeling kinda numb like the earth after the storm
I'm learning to breathe again
Bleeding softly on your floor
I can't take it anymore

World of confusion
Getting darker everyday

Reality escapes me as I try to do the same
Once you saved me for a while till I fell again

Did you see your God rising in the smoke
Did he tell you that it was your time
Silence falls uncovered like the truth
Naked bathed in God's own light

World of confusion
Getting darker everyday

Compositor: Haynes, Lucas

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