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Voracious Prophylaxis


Malicious mobiluncus operates in bacterial vaginosis,
Performing the aggressive advance of suppurating lactobacillus.
Malodorous innards,
Pelvic inflammation,
Necrotic infection of fallopian tubes.
Morbid treatment,
Drench in pus,
Sadistic sodomy in cadaveric hyper nutrition.
Refluxes the abhorrence of the fucked intestine’s mass,
As smearing the lady’s lips with purulent faecalia.
Exhaling bacteria,
From oral defecation,
Dead body’s mastication,
In oral sex excretion.
The pulsating penis,
Devoured by herpes zoster,
After ejaculation it receives the wave of regurgitated excrements.
The spongy tissues get full of shit to reduce penis,
To boiling tumefacted,
Necrofaecalic reproductive virulent organ.

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