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Ornaments Of Mutilation


Split wide open infected body parts,
fresh faecalia echoes, sickening your brain.
Penetrating stench of rectal odours,
morbid intestinal body painting art.
Stiff covered by dumping smeared shit,
start sadonecrocoitus...
That’s the way I wanna cum...
through your ears,
in your nose.
Make your brain a pup of sperm,
intrude the eyes,
blindness comes.
Don’t have to see...just feel the pee!
Morbid coitus fills the orifices,
bloody sperm boils,
coming out from the mouth,
testicles pump the juices of life,
as you kiss the lifeless,
mangled head innards.
Chop the head...psychosadomaso intervention.
Razor blade ornaments, of the hardened nipples,
chewing the offals,
in the opened abdomen.
Shave the pussy...peel its skin,
wide the legs,
to practice transrectal throat.
Fist onanism.
Chop the limbs...psychosado intervention.
Pillaging the intestines and consume everything you find.
Psychosexual infection of morbid erection,
post mortal faecalia dissection.

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