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Anxious Aberration In Pregnancy


Abhorrent self-made abortion,
Grabs the little one’s desires,
And denies the coming to the light...
Sperm running through the veins,
Infect the umbilical chord,
Feeding the little baby.
The new born feels the pulsating penis,
Starts to consume it.
The spongy tissue, full of blood, explodes in his faces.
Uterine bloody-bath the result...
Increasing childish violent necrophilic excitation.
Consumed the male’s organ of reproduction,
Now it’s time to devour mummy’s innards.
Necrotic koitus.
Ovaries, vaginal, intestinal mixture prepared by the little one that doesn’t come to the light,
Before feasting the flavours and scents of horrifying ano-genital enjoyment.
Nothing remains of the poor pregnant mother…
Disembowelled, emptied, fucked, rejected.
Through bloody-sperm flowing madness,
Soaks and floats the baby.
Ejaculation - vomit.
Feed the life of the anxious compulsive childish spoiled generation.

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