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That's When You Fall In Love

Gordon Chambers

Love comes quick and it can fade
Just as fast heaven knows
Tears of joy become rivers of sorrow
When it comes on goes
Iíve been there, sung the sad songs
But Iím not giving in, my hope is still strong so

What do you do
When your heart is still healing
And where do you go
When painís all your feeling
Just keep holding on
Know that youíre not alone
When youíre not looking at all
Thatís when you fall in love

Have you ever felt like the whole world was turning
While youíre all alone
A flameís burned out, no fires are burning
Your house not a home
But here I am right there in the shadows
The one who can change all of your tomorrows so

The search for love can be bittersweet
But itís still the one thing that makes life complete
Iíve lived and Iíve learned
Yes Iíve tossed and Iíve turned
But still I believe and soon you will see
So hold on

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