Good Charlotte

Last Night

Good Charlotte


Let's go

All that I remember
Is that you had me at hello
I knew right when I met her, that I wouldn't take it slow
The more we heard the music, the more we got in 'sync'
The more I kept you laughing, the less I stopped to think
The last thing I remember, you said this place is beat
It must have gotten crazy, cause I can't recall a thing

Last night (last night)
Can't remember (remember)
What happened? (what happened)
Where'd we go?
I woke up (woke up)
This morning (this morning)
Where's my car, where's my keys, where's my clothes?
I feel my head still spinning, but I'm doing alright
Cause I think I just had, the best night of my life
Last night (last night)
Can't remember (remember)
What happened? Did it happen? Last night

Everyone's been calling
Like I've been gone for days
There's a note left of the table
And all it says, is: Thanks
It's starting to get dark outside, I'm finally awake
I'm felling kind of guilty, is there something I can take?
There's lispstick on my collar
I'm peacing it together, then I see a picture of me and you,


And did I get a chance to say
That I wanted you, to stay
There's things I can't explain
Cause my brain don't work that way

Don't call this a one night stand
Oh it wasn't planned, was it in my head?
But I just wanna do it again, and again, and again
Just like:


Crédito: Fanny

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