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Why Don't You Hit Me Anymore?

God Gettin Funky

You don't look like me
You don't talk like me
You don't think like me
You don't walk like me
So why should I accept you
When all you did was keep me down
But now you're changin'
How dare you turn yourself around
(chorus) You used to slap me
You used to push me into the door
You used to beat me
But why don't you hit me anymore?
So now you say you're sorry
But I know that's the counseling talking
So you're struggling to keep me on
The tightrope that I'm walking
You took the strap to me
But I played your little games
I came to take it for granted
Why did you stop my pain?
Well now that it's over
Where will I get my welts
How do I recover
When I don't get the belt?
So why don't you hit me anymore?

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