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The Winter She Was Angry

God Gettin Funky

Oh, the winter she was angry
When the rollers came to town
And they threw your mom down a ditch and she died
And they went to find the body
But it was devoured by wolves
Which is really kinda weird since she drowned
Oh, yeah
Oh, the spring she was angry
With those flowers all around
And annoying little bunnies in the grass
And I never took a liking
To all those multicolored plants
So I crush them with my shoes and I eat 'em
Oh yeah
Oh, the summer she was angry
'cause the beach was overcrowded
So she sent the cops down there to kick 'em out
'Cept for this one pot-smoking moron
Who just wouldn't move his ass
So they shot him on the spot and he bled a lot
Oh, yeah
Oh, the autumn she was angry
'cause the pumpkins all got smashed
And the people all got drunk on Thanksgiving
And they should be watching football
But they're all passed out instead
'Cept for grandpa who's hurling in the can
Oh, yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah.

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