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Sodom Graves

Goat Semen

Once more this night has come for us to awake
The ground spreads the pest of death, blackened by hell fire
The roads so old where satanas walked towards death realms
Now darkness is eternal and only lighten by fire
The eyes that eternally rot and gaze us from sodom graves

Head stones, blood stained
In depraved lustful rites
On altars thousand screams
Necromancers yearn for death!
Ruthless death laughs at her slaves

Death reigns!
Flames... death... the pest...

Huttan race rotting at hell
These graves won`t bear such lustful anger and hate!

Hear!! mankind!
I is now your time to die!


No more holiness at the kingdom of god!
No more beauty but pestilence and rotteness!
Ages of death embrace this land!

Opened at last!
Sodom graves...!

Angels get fucked... by evil!
There`s no peace on earth anymore
As heaven burns at the deepest darkness of hell!
Satan has set his throne on earth!!
Death`s eternal domain is here!!
And will only remain... sodom graves...!!!

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