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She Lights Me Up

Go West

The night fades out
The day fades in
I had that waking dream again
I can't help myself
She takes me somewhere else..
She's in my blood
She's in my veins
Pleasure in my pain
Nothing I can do
Even if I wanted to.

She lights me up
She lights me up..
She knows that I can't get enough
She got me started
Now I can never stop
She lights me up
She lights me up

I can't slow down
I've lost control
The devil got my soul
A better man would go
But I just can't say no
The more I get
The more I need
There's no way back for me
I can't help myself
With her I'm someone else

She lights me up

And I feel just like superman
The world is at my feet
It's been so long
Since I believed in love

She lights me up

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