Gnarls Barkley

Just A Thought

Gnarls Barkley

St. Elsewhere

All I want is your understanding
As in the small light of affection.
Why is this my life, is almost everybodies question.

And I've tried, everything but suicide,
But it's crossed my mind.

I prefer peace,
Wouldn't have to have one wordly in possesion,
But essentially I'm an animal,
So just what do I do with all the agression?

Well I've tried everything but suicide,
But it's crossed my mind.

Life is a one way street,
If you could pay me,
I'd show myself going in the right direction,
So I go all the way,
Like I really really know what
But the truth is I'm only guessing.

And I've tried everything but suicide,
But yes it's crossed my mind, just a thought.

It's even dark in the daytime
It's not just good, it's great depression.
When I was lost I even found myself,
Looking in the gun's direction

And so I tried, everything but suicide,
And yes it's crossed my mind
But I'm fine.

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