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Shaking So Bad


It was a long long hour in a long long year it took a time to get out of the rut
Now the long gone power got you bendin over and it is time to get out of the rut
Can this night go on
Can this night go on and on and on and on and

On to the next you are heading right in for the crash and the burn and the fear
On to the door where the lock is all locked going on to a long long year

Think you're goin in the right direction
Curling up shakin like leaves from the from the bad times that you had
Think you're done with the night infection
You're shaking so bad yeah it's shaking so bad

Took a long turn left cause you want to take a drink from that stream
Took a long turn left left your eye open in the middle of a bad bad dream
Now is the kill time
Yeah the kill time
Yeah wanna make it a kill time,

Got your eyes fixed out into the open
Got it working like a machine
Got you tense like an antilope and
It's shaking so bad

One of these days you're gonna lose control and let it go
You got your ways but they aint healing your soul and you know

It is a tremble so bad it's tearing up your joints
You got the effort but you ain't getting the point
Shaking so bad and you know why-it-just-had to be so
Shaking so bad and you can't lose it even if you try no

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