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Dr. Doktor


I got the drip runnin into my arm got me fillin up on fluid like a water baaloon
Gene modified and out of control got me creepin up the walls like a speedy baaboon

Doctor won't you put on the glove
Sweet sweet doctor won't you put on your show

Cool hand a hot heart you undone buttons god you're looking so smart
A sharp wit and a trolley of dope got me yellin in your stethoscope

You can chain me down you can put me in a cast
You can make my pain go you can make it last
Put me on the table put me in an iron lung
Rub me where it hurts doctor rub me where you stung

Cut me up, cut me up an see
cut me up and take this beating heart from me
Cut me up, cut me where it hurts
Cut it out and throw it give it to the nurse

You're dressed in whites and I'm not dressed at all
I got my hand yankin on the cord I'm waiting for the call
I got the fever burnin' holes in my skin
I am assuming the position you can come right in and

Plug my cable into all those shining macines
It's gonna be a heavy reading if you know what I mean

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