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Let's Rock


Hated my time in school, the teachers were all fools
They said learn to became, come-come-come-come someone
After that bitter pill, I felt so badly ill
And it continued when I fa-fa-found a job

Parents want me to work in a safe position
All I wanna do is write a composition
Like to tree myself with very loud music
That's where I get my kicks

Don't want a daily routine - on stage I wanna be seen
That's why I'll never return, turn-turn-it on and

Let's rock, let's rock, let's rock, let's rock
Free yourself and
Don't stop, don't stop, don't stop, don't stop
I advise you to rock

Don't want no ugly spouse, don't want to build no house
And in the evening we, wa-wa-watcb tv
Weekends we meet her mummy, her jokes are not so funny
And in her tacky flat, I am not allowed to smoke

Asking us if we don't want to have some children
And she wants to know why we still live so urban
Like to free myself with very loud sounds
Yes I get off the ground

Everybody plans my life, I think I wanna die
Luckily I have the cure-cure and it goes

Money makes the world go round
To this rule you're gagged and bound
No sweets without some sweat
Oh people get so sad
Missing things they've never had
Why are they so upset?
Oh shit!

Monday. Tuesday, Wednesday - draggin' me down
Thursday, Friday, yeah - it's finally gettin' highday
Don't have to punch the clock - now - all I wanna do is... rock

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