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Julie Goes Out


She's independent, she goes out working
On weekdays she is on the ran
I am her neighbour, I want to tell her
That I would love to take her out
But when it's Friday, she's on the highway
Julie goes out to have funl

Julie goes out to have fun
All her work has been done
She goes out to have fun
I've tried to meet her alone
But she's never at home
It makes you want to weep to see there is no chance

She likes to be a single
She likes to live alone
Oh my god - she's amazing
She's driving me crazy
But I know that I'm not the one

Late in the night when - it's early morning
She's back with a smile on her face
On second glance she - is still so hungry
The sparkle now changes to tears
Hard working woman, where is your man?
Julie goes out to have fun

I wish I could reach you - But you're still just looking for fun
You don't expect a relationship - Oh Julie I am not the one

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