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The Twilight (reflection Of Hell)

Glory Dies

Why of so many sad eyes?
What’s the reason of so many deaths?
Shadows of night haunting me
And the nightmare is real
Leave me alone

The red in the sky
Shinning in my eyes
All the blood poured out
Look at me
It’s looks like black cloud
There is pain in my soul

The blood in earth
To shine the red in the sky
Sad twilight that makes me cry
The rain that falls
Has a relish of disgrace
They say be that tears are Gods

Hug me oh God of mercy

Die young
It’s portrait of war

The deads sing to me
Bursts cut the darkness
Shinning all the hell
It’s screams of terror
While all the earth is wet
By blood of patriots

The pain and agony
It’s alternate day by day
My nights are longs and colds
My days are bitters and gloomy
The death kiss me
His cold hand takes my soul away

Just fell death’s smell
Angels call for me
Bring me your glass now
I want drink your poison

Compositor: César; M. Alme; B. Alves; N. Pereira; B. Guerra

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