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Symphony Of Victory

Glory Dies

Time for the wicked man
Trust now is mine
Set fire on the weak soul
There is always time
More time to contemplate
The hard truth calls for me
Doors open everywhere
They close quickly
Without light for evil in my head
And without time for misery and fear
It’s conquest time - Flee for you life
It’s conquest time - Discoverer of sins
It’s conquest time Symphony of victory
It’s conquest time - To live in peace for us
I was and I am trust of the last time
I’m for you the air to live
In this place we will always be strong
And lost in a night new fear
Light to obscure the sin
The revenge is mine
Devour the life at once
There is always time

Compositor: Music: Júlio César/breno Guerra/marcelo Alme/broka Alves/douglas Santos - Lyrics: Marcelo Alme

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