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Hero’s Blood

Glory Dies

Kill without warning
Seize your force and weapon
Confront the occult spectrum
This is hero’s blood
March to conquer the life
Enraged and full of anger
Don't get lost in the storm
This is hero’s blood
We will kill and kill again
We will die, but die in glory
For never living as a prisoner
This is hero’s blood
All feeling them dying
And feeding from your hate
On this night we will be just one
This is hero’s blood
Not always the conquest brings so much
Happiness and peace for a sick world
And freedom?
What is freedom? What is freedom?
It is just a weak and old voice
A lost hope in a time of fight
In the night it blows black winds
And they won’t blind me
No more, no more
Look upwards and see in the sky
And notice how we are so small
The fear of failure can almost blind us
But nothing will control our lives
That is freedom
I’ve noticed a sign
That is freedom
Give me force to try to believe
And not to give up
Even in storm in the cold and dark night
Everything is clear in my mind
They can even defeat us and kill us
But never take away our faith
We have hero’s blood
When she loses the faith
Nothing else is left to lose
Join us and we will go straight ahead
We have hero’s blood
We are capable lives
We can build a new time
We can change beginning it now
Believe mainly
We have hero’s blood
Happy for living the present
Simply for living it
We are like this
Hero’s blood

Compositor: Júlio César/Breno Guerra/Marcelo Alme

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