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You Can Be Anything

Glenna Bree

It takes a moment
to break a butterfly
on a wheel
that's when you hear an angel cry
it takes a hearbeat
to bring someone back to life
and then you feel
that it's all been worthwhile

voices inside me
keep guiding the way
someone who loved me
I still hear them say

you can be anything
anything you dreamed of
you can be anything
anything you dreamed of
anything you dreamed of

I'd fall you'd pick me up
and wipe away my tears
always there
to drive away my fears
I'd call you late at night
so close to giving in
you took the time to care
and lift me up again

lessons you taught me
I'll never forget
reach for the stars
with no time for regret

and I can't stand to wait
but I can't bear to go
a door is open and and it won't be there for long I know

the truth of who I am
and who I want to be
and what is possible
is standing right in front of me

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