Glenn Hughes

Wheel in the sunlight
I am on my way now
Oh I
Feel with my insight
I make my day now
Oh I
Wild gilded splinter
I am a work dog
Oh I
Child of the winter
Out in the bleak fog
Oh I

Testament it must be strong
Innocent I travel on
Cinematic, it's been so dramatic
All along

I'm steppin' on landmines
In the forest by a stream
Give me the guidelines
In the rosewood in a dream
I'm steppin' on landmines
By mistake, misunderstood
Gave me no road signs
Take me back to brotherhood

My soul it's will cry
My faith never die
Don't push me aside
Black fire within
White light closes in
Out on the hillside

Lord my provider
Yield me from hurt now
Oh I
Last lonely rider
Shield me from darkness
Oh I

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