How Long

Glenn Hughes

What kinda world
Kinda faith do you live in?
So full of lies, you are evil you are sin
Your painted smile
It is written on your face
You're in denial
And your horse won't ride the chase

Here come the blood
I'm past the pain
Here come the thud
You live your life against the grain

How long, how long?
To you speak and then you choke?
How long, how long?
I was weak then I awoke
How long, how long?
Did you think that I was dead?
How long, how long?
When the sky was turning red
How long?

You sanctify yourself
With plush material things
You magnify your wealth
Here come the bee that stings

Under the bodhi tree
There is tranquility
You are no devotee
For all eternity
You multiply
In a life of misery
You are never justified
Cause you can't find harmony

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