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About The Ocean

Glen Campbell

The Capitol Years 65/77

It's goin' t' take me such a long time to write this
Like you said, it's so-o hard
To write about the ocean
Well this is about the ocean
Abou-out you

There are so many words you never heard me say
So many songs you never heard me sing
I hope you'll hear them all one day
But castles are just for dreamin'
For me-ee any way
For kee-ee-heepin' demons away

See through my eyes for just one time
There's more to this fee-eeling than can be forgotten
'Cause you've been my friend
Have you been my frie-ie-iend
And I-hi-hi never thought I could be so unhappy
Bein' with you I thought that all was fine
So I stood across the line
And never suppo-osing
You'd ever want to harm me
Just a few simple words to say you're sorry
But you know the time is such a passer by
And I hope that what I'm feeling now
Won't be the same as when we started out

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