Glee: The 3D Concert Movie

Regravação de A Chorus Line (Musical)

See I really couldn't sing
I could never really sing

What I couldn't do was (Sing!)
I have trouble with a (Note)
It goes all around my (Throat)
It's a terrifying (Thing)

See, I really couldn't hear
Which note was lower or was (Higher)
That's why I disappear
If someone says, "Let's start a (Choir)

Hey, when I begin to (Squeak)
It's a cross between a (Shreik)
And a quiver or a (Moan)

It's a little like a (Croak)
Or the record player (Broke)
What its doesn't have is (Tone)

Oh I know you're thinking
What a crazy (Dingaling)
But I really couldn't (Sing)
I could never really (Sing)
What I couldn't do was (Sing!)

(Three blind mice)
Three blind mice

It isn't intentional...
(He's doing his best)

(Jingle bells, jingle bells)
Jingle bells, jingle bells

It really blows my mind
(He gets depressed)

But what I lack in pitch
I sure make up in (Power.)
And all my friends say I am
Perfect for the

I'm terrific at a (Dance)
Guys are comin' in their (Pants)
I'm a birdie on the (Wing)
But when I begin to (Chirp)
They say, "who's the little (Twerp)
Goin' 'pong' instead of Ping

And when Christmas comes and
All my friends go...


It is so dishearten (Croak)
It is so disquiet (-Ting)
It is so discourag (-Ging)
Darling, please stop answer (-Ring!)

See, I really couldn't (Sing)
I could never really (Sing)
What I couldn't do was...

Do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti, do
Do, ti, la, sol, fa, mi, re, do

Sing, sing
Sing a sing a sing sing
Sing, sing


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